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Test Filing for Attorney for Creditor or Other Party

The required test filing for an attorney for a creditor or other party is a Motion for relief from stay, including all required documents and the filing fee.

Required Test Documents:

1. Prepare a Motion for relief from stay (in a single PDF file). A Sample Document with Instructions is available for your use.

            a. Notice of hearing and motion - Local Form 9013-2

            b. If facts are at issue, an affidavit or verification  - Local Rule 9013-2(d)

            c. Memorandum of facts and law

            d. Exhibits or other attachments, as appropriate - Local Rule 9013-2(e)

            e. For motions for relief from stay concerning the debtor’s principal residence - Local Form 4001-1

            f.  Proof of service on those parties not automatically served through ECF - Local Form 9001-1

            g. Proposed order. The non-scanned proposed order, should be the final page of the PDF file. 

            h. For motions for relief from stay, the appropriate filing fee.

2. Login to the CM/ECF training database.

3. Select Bankrupty Post-Petition Events Motion

4. Use one of the following test case numbers: 10-30140 or 10-40140.

5. Search for your party in the database and select it from list.  If your party is not already in the database, use the Add/Create New Party link to add the party. Always check the box to create an association between you and your party in the case.

6. Enter a checkmark next to all documents included.

7. Select the Browse button to locate the motion (in PDF) on your PC. Using your right mouse button, select Open with Acrobat X (the version of Acrobat you have) to review the document and ensure it is the document you wish to file.  Select Open to add that file to CM/ECF.

8. Choose a hearing date anytime in the future. NOTE: When filing live motions, you will need to contact the appropriate calendar clerk prior to preparing your documents for most hearings to obtain a hearing date and time.

9.  Leave the credit card screen blank.

10. Pay the filing fee using the training credit card: Visa 4111 1111 1111 1111 (The number 4 and 15 number ones) with no spaces between the numbers.  Use an expiration date anytime in the future and enter any 3 digits for the security code.  Fill in all required information to complete the transaction.
Pop-up blockers should be turned off in order to see the pop-up window.
Add the following exceptions if you don't want to turn your blocker off completely:


11. Once you have successfully completed your test filing, the court will issue a CM/ECF live login or will call with more instructions.