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Test Filing for Attorney for Creditor or Other Party

The required test filing for an attorney for a creditor or other party is a 'Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay', including all required documents and the filing fee.

Required Test Documents:

1. Prepare a 'Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay' (view instructions for filing attachments to a main document).

            a. Notice of Hearing and Motion - Local Form 9013-1

            b. Memorandum of Facts and Law

            c. Verification of Motion or Exhibits (if facts are at issue)   - Local Rule 9013-1(a)(3)

            d. Local Form 4001-1 (if applicable), for motions for relief from stay concerning the debtor’s principal residence

            e. Proposed Witness List (if applicable)

            f. Proposed Order. The non-scanned proposed order. 

            g. Proof of Service on those parties not automatically served through ECF.

            h. For motions for relief from stay, the appropriate filing fee.

2. Email your prepared motion to for review. 

3. Once you have submitted your pactice filing, the Clerk's office will direct you to request filing privileges through PACER or contact you with more instructions.