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Bankruptcy Practice Committee

In January 2009, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota appointed a standing Bankruptcy Practice Committee as a successor to the Local Rules Committee, but with an expanded portfolio. The Committee's main functions are to recommend needed changes to the Local Rules and to serve as a liaison between the Bankruptcy Court and the bankruptcy community, providing input and suggestions for improving the administration of bankruptcy cases and proceedings in the District of Minnesota.

Members of the committee represent the full spectrum of bankruptcy and debtor-creditor practices and serve designated terms. Committee members and their contact information are provided below. Members of the bar and the public are encouraged to contact Committee members concerning Local Rule changes and other matters related to improving the operations of the Bankruptcy Court and Clerk's Office.

PLEASE NOTE that Bankruptcy Practice Committee members are not able to provide legal advice in their capacity as Committee members.

(Rev. January 2024)


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