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Bankruptcy Court Clerk's Office

What the Clerk's Office can do:

  • Assist in locating forms and other information on the court's website and elsewhere
  • Accept bankruptcy filings and fees
  • Provide general information about bankruptcy forms and filing requirements
  • Provide general information about an existing bankruptcy case or proceeding
  • Provide regular and certified copies of documents from a bankruptcy file
  • Provide certificates of property claimed as exempt and discharge
  • Retrieve a bankruptcy file from the national records archives, if available

What the Clerk's Office cannot do:

  • Explain the meaning of a particular rule
  • Give an interpretation of case law
  • Explain the result of taking or not taking action in a case or proceeding
  • Tell you whether jurisdiction is proper in a case or proceeding
  • Tell you whether a complaint properly presents a claim
  • Provide advice regarding the best procedure to accomplish a particular goal
  • Apply a Rule or Statute
  • Make change or accept credit cards or personal checks from debtors
  • Explain who should receive proper notice or service
  • Assist you in completing forms


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