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Judges' Calendars

These calendars are updated three times every hour between 8am and 5pm. To view Duluth or Fergus Falls calendars, please review the appropriate judge's calendar, with attention to the date(s) of that judge's scheduled matters in Duluth or Fergus Falls.

To obtain a hearing date, please contact the judge's calendar clerk, as follows:

Judge Calendar Clerk  Phone Email
Chief Judge Ridgway (Twin Cities cases) Heidi Jackson 612-664-5263
Chief Judge Ridgway (Fergus Falls cases) Anita Miller 218-529-3601
Judge Sanberg Heidi Jackson 612-664-5280
Judge Constantine Alicia Pinotti 651-848-1051
Judge Fisher (Twin Cities cases) Kristin Neff 651-848-1061
Judge Fisher (Duluth cases) Anita Miller 218-529-3601