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Submit Creditor Matrix

The creditor matrix is a list of names and addresses of your creditors and interested parties used for noticing purposes.  Use this page to create and submit your mailing matrix to the court when you are ready to file your case.

  1. Enter the creditor names and addresses in a single column. 
  2. Do not enter anything in the creditor list other than the appropriate names and addresses. Page numbers or stray text are prohibited.
  3. Do not include the debtor(s)’ name and address, or the debtor(s)’ attorney’s name and address on the matrix since this information is entered by the court’s case management system. Only creditors’ names and addresses are to be listed on the matrix. Each creditor will be mailed an individualized meeting of creditors notice, as will the debtor(s) and the attorney for the debtor(s).
  4. Use standard abbreviations for the names and addresses of the creditors. See a sample matrix and the list of standard abbreviations here.
    • Each creditor name may have 50 characters.
    • The “Attention:” line, if any, is to be on line 2 of the address. 
    • Each address may be up to 5 lines.
    • Each address line may have 40 characters.
    • Enter a blank line between addresses. See the sample matrix.
    • Use UPPER CASE LETTERS only (use the Caps-Lock key).
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