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What is a section 341(a) meeting of creditors? What do I need to bring to the meeting of creditors?


Section 341(a) of the Bankruptcy Code requires every debtor to personally attend a meeting of creditors and to submit to an examination under oath.  A panel trustee presides over the meeting of creditors in a chapter 7 case, a standing trustee in a chapter 12 or 13 case, and a designee of the United States Trustee in other chapters.  Creditors may, but are not required to attend the meeting.  See Bankruptcy Basics: Creditors' Meeting
The debtor MUST present the following information to the trustee at the meeting of creditors:
1.  Picture identification, such as a driver's license or passport;
2.  Proof of the debtor's social security number, in the form of a social security card, W-2 or payroll stub;
3.  Evidence of the debtor's current income, such as a rent pay stub;
4.  Statements for each of the debtor's deposit or investment accounts (including checking, savings and money market accounts, mutual funds and brokerage accounts) for the time period that includes the date of filing of the debtor's bankruptcy petition; AND
5.  Documentation of monthly expenses, if required. 
In a joint case, each debtor must present the above items for review by the trustee.