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Chapter 7 Non-Individual Debtor Partial Filings

*These requirements apply to corporations, partnerships, associations and any other entity that is not an individual. These entities MUST be represented by an attorney.
Chapter 7 Non-Individual Debtor: Documents Important Notes
Petition, Schedules and Statements

Instructions: Bankruptcy Forms for Non-Individuals

These documents should be filed as attachments to the main petition document. See instructions for filing separate attachments to a main document.

Creditor Matrix. See preparation instructions for more information.

This is the only text (.txt) document.

Signature declaration form

pen in hand signature of the debtor entity's authorized signatory is required.

Notice of responsibilities of chapter 7 debtors and their attorneys (Local Form 1007-3-1(7))

pen in hand signature of the debtor entity's authorized signatory is required on the notice of responsibilities.

OPTIONAL: Debtor's Electronic Noticing Request

This is an optional document to be submitted only by debtors who wish to receive court generated documents by email instead of paper copies though the U.S. Mail.

Each debtor completes a separate form with pen in hand signature.

For further information, visit the court's DeBN page.


Filing Fee of $338.00**

** The court cannot accept a debtor's check or credit card for the filing fee. The filing fee may be paid in the exact amount of the fee by a money order, a cashier's check, debit card, or the credit card or check of a law firm or of an attorney representative admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota.