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Updates to Filing Procedures and Preferences

July 28, 2022

The Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office for the District of Minnesota has implemented the following updates to filing procedures and preferences:

Minnesota Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office Filing Preferences:  The Minnesota Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office prefers that filers submit documents separately, rather than merging multiple documents into one PDF.  Filers are encouraged, but not required, to upload one main document with separate attachments.  Filers who utilize software to submit their filings may wish to consult with their software vendor to determine the most efficient way to submit filings with multiple documents.  Examples of how to file case opening documents, motions, and other filings that include a main document with supporting documents can be found here: Attorney Guidance.  Separating documents and labeling them individually allows ECF and PACER users to more efficiently access individual documents.  Additionally, this method may result in reduced copy fees for parties requesting documents from PACER.

Removal of Notice of Entry and Filing of Order Stamp:  On July 6, 2022, the clerk’s office discontinued the use of the Notice of Entry and Filing Order or Judgment stamp on the court’s orders.  Please refer to the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) for information on when the order or judgment was entered on the docket.

Updated Filing Procedures Effective August 1, 2022:

Statement of Social Security Number:  Under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 1007(f), individual debtors must file a Statement of Social Security Number (Form 121) with their petition in voluntary cases.  In involuntary cases, this document is required within 14 days after the entry of the order for relief.  To avoid filing deficiencies, please ensure that Form 121 is submitted in accordance with the Federal Bankruptcy Rules.  Guidance regarding how to file Form 121 can be found here: Attorney Guidance.

Notice of Withdrawal of Motion and Withdrawal of Objection to Motion:    A new “text only” event has been created to allow attorneys to withdraw a motion or an objection to a motion without uploading a document to the event.  Going forward, the text only event will be used to convey the withdrawal to the court and other parties involved in the matter.  Attorneys should pay careful attention when linking the text only entry to the filing they wish to withdraw. 

Motion to Redact Personal Identifiers:  The clerk’s office is discontinuing the practice of requesting replacement images from filers when a staff member detects an unredacted personal identifier in a document.   Going forward, the clerk’s office will docket a Notice directing the filer to correct the filing by filing a motion within 7 days.   In accordance with Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9037(h), filers are required to correct the error by filing a Motion to Redact, paying a $26 filing fee, and filing a redacted copy of the required document.  Additional Guidance can be found here:  Attorney Guidance

Report of Subchapter V Trustee – No Objection:  Chapter 11, Sub. V Trustees now have a specific docket entry to report no objection to events filed in Sub. V cases.

Chapter 11 First Day Motions:  In an effort to reduce the number of filings submitted to the clerk’s office via the INBOX, specific events have been created in CM/ECF to facilitate electronic filing and service for Chapter 11 first day motions.  Going forward, please use the following new CM/ECF motion events available through a separate menu when applicable:

  • Motion re maintenance of bank accounts and existing cash management systems.
  • Motion authorizing payment of pre-petition customer claims in the ordinary course of business.
  • Motion authorizing payment of customs duties.
  • Motion approving establishment of reclamation procedures/allowance of 503(b) claims.
  • Motion authorizing honoring pre-petition claims of shippers, freight handlers and warehousers.
  • Motion authorizing post-petition delivery of goods ordered by customers pre-petition.
  • Motion authorizing the filing of documents under seal.
  • Motion for approval of post-petition secured and super priority financing pursuant to § 364(c).
  • Motion for debtor to honor workers compensation programs and pay insurance obligations
  • Motion rejecting leases.
  • Motion authorizing payment of contractors in satisfaction of liens.
  • Motion establishing notice and administrative procedures.
  • Motion extending time to file documents required by FRBP 1007(b.)
  • Motion authorizing debtors to return goods pursuant to § 546(g).
  • Motion authorizing the retention of professionals.
  • Motion authorizing payment of sales and use taxes.
  • Motion under § 366 of the Bankruptcy Code with respect to utility service.
  • MNB Motion to pay pre-petition wages, salaries and related benefits.

All CM/ECF filing questions may be directed to the Help Desk at 612-664-5275.

Publication Date: 
July 28, 2022