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Two Changes to Case Processing Will be Implemented Immediately

1. The Bankruptcy Practice Committee recommended and the judges agreed to the addition of a Notice of no objection entry in CM/ECF, which may be used by debtors' attorneys to apprise the court they have no objection to a motion for relief from stay pending against their clients. The entry does NOT require the filing of a document. It can be found in CM under Bankruptcy/Post-Petition Events/Notices/Notice of no objection. When filed, the docket text for this entry reads as follows:
I, [name of filing attorney], attorney for the debtor(s), certify I have discussed the [link to pending motion for relief from stay] with my client(s) and the debtor(s) have decided not to object to the motion.
2. To address delays in sending out 341 meeting notices in large chapter 11 cases due to the absence of a complete matrix, the court will begin issuing a NOTICE REQUIRING FILING OF COMPLETE MATRIX in any chapter 11 case in which a complete matrix is not filed with the petition. The Notice provides as follows:
The petition commencing this case was filed on January 7, 2010 , but was not accompanied by a complete matrix.  You are notified that a complete matrix must be filed no later than [14 days from the filing date]. No extensions of time to file the matrix will be granted. If needed, you may file an application to extend time to file other schedules and statements.
You are required to serve the Notice of Commencement of Case on any party that is not included on the matrix as of the day before that notice is created by the clerk, and to file proof of such service within five days thereafter.

Publication Date: 
January 1, 2011