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Chapter 13-related updates

Timing of filing motions to confirm post-confirmation modified plans: Local Rule 3015-2(b) and FRBP 3015(g) require that the party filing a motion for post-confirmation modification of a chapter 13 plan give 21 days' notice by mail of the time fixed for filing objections. Local Rule 9006-1(c) requires that responsive documents be filed and served not later than five days before the hearing date. Therefore, the total notice required from the date of service is 26 days, not 21 days, as has been the practice. Please note this requirement when filing future motions.
Date change for Judges Sanberg and Kressel's July chapter 13 calendar: The July chapter 13 confirmation calendars for Judges Sanberg and Kressel will be July 31 rather than July 17. There will be NO confirmation calendar for any judge on July 17.

Publication Date: 
April 21, 2014