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When is a supplemental matrix required? How do I file it?



A supplemental matrix (a list of new creditors not included on the original matrix) is required when:

  • Converting a case
  • Amending schedules D-E/F  
  • Completing a partial filing (case completion)

The names and addresses of the new creditors must be uploaded to the case.  To do so, prepare the supplemental matrix in text format (Sample name: supplementalmatrix.txt), log into CM/ECF and select Bankruptcy Commencement Events Upload Creditor Matrix.

A PDF version of the supplemental matrix must also be attached to the PDF document to which the matrix relates (i.e., the conversion, the amended schedules or the completion), to allow clerk's office staff to verify that the new creditors were properly added to the creditor matrix for the case.  If there are no new creditors, the filing should include a statement that there are no new creditors.

Preparation Instructions for Uploading a Supplemental Matrix in Text Format

Some bankruptcy preparation software may not produce supplemental matrices for only new creditors. If that is the case, use a word processor to create the supplemental matrix and save the document as a .txt (text) document.  A .txt document can be created in Word, WordPerfect, WordPad or NotePad.


To create a supplemental matrix:

1. List the creditors' names and addresses in a single column list with 1-2 spaces between each address.

2. DO NOT include the debtor's name and address or the debtor's attorney's name and address on the matrix, since this information is automatically entered by the court's case management system. Only new creditors' names and addresses should be listed on the supplemental matrix.

3. The supplemental matrix document must be saved in .txt format in order to be properly uploaded. Sample name: supplementalmatrix.txt

4. Follow the directions above to upload the supplemental matrix to CM/ECF. 


Example of a supplemental matrix:

Creditor 1 Name
City, State & Zip

Creditor 2 Name
City, State & Zip

Creditor 3 Name
City, State & Zip