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How do I prepare an electronic document for filing to CM/ECF?


1.  Prepare your document in word processed form and convert it to PDF.   If your submission includes multiple documents (e.g., a notice of motion and motion, memorandum of law, affidavit, certificate of service, proposed order), these documents should be combined into a single PDF file and saved. 
2. Scan any paper documents, such as exhibits, and the signature pages of any affidavits or other documents for which a "pen-in-hand" signature is required.  See Local Rule 9011-4.  Convert any scanned pages to PDF and save them. 
3. Insert the scanned pages into the document created and saved in Step 1 above, using the Document menu and the Insert pages option in Adobe Acrobat.  Any proposed order should be the last page of the document.  Save the entire document again.