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How do I obtain a hearing date?



To obtain a hearing date, contact the calendar clerk for the judge assigned to the case by email or phone.  For staff information for each judge, see the contact information on one of these pages: Chief Judge Katherine A. Constantine, Judge Kesha L. TanabeJudge Michael E. Ridgway, and Judge William J. Fisher.


Once the calendar clerk has provided a hearing date and time, that date and time will appear in a drop-down box in CM/ECF when the motion is electronically filed.  The drop down box will indicate that the hearing date and time have been reserved for the requesting attorney.  


Attorneys and other parties need not contact the calendar clerk to obtain a hearing date for chapter 13 confirmation, motions to value or self-calendared relief from stay motions.  When filing documents related to these matters, a drop down box listing available hearing dates and a description of the type of matter that can be set for each date will display in CM/ECF . Once the filer selects a hearing date from the drop down list, the information will populate to the judge's court calendar automatically.  Note that not all judges allow self-calendaring. 


A list of chapter 13 confirmation hearing dates can be found in CM/ECF under Bankruptcy Information Ch 13 Confirmation Dates