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Why isn't the screen in CM/ECF showing all the options or menus?


If no menus appear, access may have been blocked because internet payments are due or you are logged in with your PACER account rather than your CM/ECF account.
To see the "Bankruptcy" and "Adversary" filing menus, you must be logged in with your CM/ECF account from the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota.  If you are logged in through PACER, log out and clear your temporary internet files or cache, then log in using your CM/ECF account.
Filing fee payments not made at the time of filing can be made by selecting Utilities ⇒ Your Account Internet Payments Due.  After making payment, you may need to delete temporary internet files or cache, depending on your browser, in order to view all CM/ECF menus.
Also see: How to clear temporary internet files or cache from your browser