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Test Filing for Attorney for Debtor

The required test filing for an attorney for debtor is a complete voluntary petition, including all required documents and the filing fee.

Petition Preparation Software:

A debtor's attorney may choose to use commercial petition preparation software to create most of the documents required for a bankrupcy filing.  The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota neither requires nor recommends the use of this software and cannot answer technical questions related to its use.   

If you choose to use petition preparation software, please familiarize yourself with it before attempting test filings. 

View instructions on filing separate attachemnts to a main document before filing.

Three ways to file a petition to CM/ECF:

  • Software Plus: File the petition and schedules directly to CM/ECF from commercial petition preparation software.  NOTE: To successfully file a test case to the training database, you must first change the destination in your software application to the training database ( and enter your training password.  Please contact your software vendor for assistance.  Once the case is filed, the documents identified in steps 2 through 6 below can be filed through CM/ECF. 
  • Case upload: File all required documents simultaneously through CM/ECF.  Select Bankruptcy ⇒ New Case Upload.  This option is available only for complete cases accompanied by the full filing fee.
  • Step-by-Step case opening: File the documents in steps 1 through 6 below one by one.  Select Bankruptcy ⇒ Commencement EventsOpen Voluntary Case to begin.

If you have questions, please call the Help Desk at 612-664-5275

Required test documents:

1.  Petition, Schedules and Statements:  
  1. Voluntary petition for individuals filing for bankruptcy (Form 101)
  2. Summary of your assets and liabilities and certain statistical information (Form 106 Summary)
  3. Schedules A/B - J-2 (Forms 106A/B, 106C, 106D, 106E/F, 106G, 106H, 106I, 106J and, if applicable, 106J-2)
  4. Declaration about an individual debtor's schedules (Form 106 Declaration)
  5. Statement of financial affairs for individuals filings for bankruptcy (Form 107)
  6. Statement of intention for individuals filing under chapter 7 (Form 108)
  7. Disclosure of compensation of attorney for debtor (Local Form 1007-1)
  8. Chapter 7 statement of your current monthly income (Form 122A-1) and Chapter 7  means test calculation (Form 122A-2)
2.  Certificate of credit counseling:

Select Bankruptcy ⇒ Commencement Events ⇒ Ch 7 Consumer⇒ Certificate of credit counseling

3.  Income records of Debtor and Payment advices cover sheet:

Select Bankruptcy Commencement Events Ch 7 Consumer Income records of Debtor

4.  Creditor matrix - (.txt) document:

Select Bankruptcy ⇒ Commencement Events Upload list of creditors file

5.  Signature declaration form:

Select Bankruptcy Commencement Events Ch 7 Consumer Signature declaration

Scan the signature declaration page with a test signature and convert the document to PDF. The signature declaration form may be filed using the Attachment option when browsing for the petition or as a separate document.

6.  Notice of responsibilities of chapter 7 debtors and their attorneys:

Select Bankruptcy Commencement Events Ch 7 Consumer Notice of responsibilities

7.  Filing fee:  

Pay the filing fee using the training credit card: Visa 4111 1111 1111 1111, (The number 4 and 15 number ones) with no spaces between the numbers.  Use an expiration date anytime in the future and enter any 3 digits for the security code.  Fill in all required information to complete the transaction.expiration date anytime in the future. Follow the prompts and use any 3 digits for the security code.

Pop-up blockers should be turned off in order to see the pop-up window. Add the following exceptions if you don't want to turn your blocker off completely:

The filing should include all documents required for an individual Chapter 7 filing. After submitting the required documents, run the Judge Assignment found under Case Commencement Events. This routine assigns a judge to the case.