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Rule 3020-1. Chapter 11 - Confirmation


   (1) Form. Local Rule 9013-2(b)-(e) applies to objections to confirmation of chapter 11 plans.

   (2) Time for service and filing. Any objection shall be filed and served not later than seven days before the confirmation hearing.

(b) BALLOT REPORT.  Attorneys for the plan proponent and the committee of unsecured creditors shall count the ballots and file a report of the tabulation not later than 24 hours before the confirmation hearing.  The report shall conform substantially to Local Form 3020-2.  


   (1) Objections. If an objection to confirmation is filed, the court may treat the date set for hearing on confirmation as either a preliminary or final hearing.

   (2) Testimony. The proponent of a chapter 11 plan shall provide testimony at the confirmation hearing.