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Rule 3009-1. Dividends - Chapter 7 Cases



    (1) Generally. If there are no timely objections to the trustee's final report and account, the trustee shall make distributions in accordance with the report, except for compensation and reimbursement of expenses under §§ 503(b)(2), (b)(4) or (b)(5) which shall be made only to the extent allowed and awarded by the court.

    (2) Distributions in Minimal Asset Cases. If the net proceeds realized do not exceed $1500 after payment of administrative expenses, the trustee shall make distribution for expenses and claims without notice, subject to the limitations in subparagraph (1) of this paragraph regarding payment of compensation and reimbursement of expenses.

    (3) Discovery of Additional Assets. If additional funds are realized for the estate after final distribution has been made, whether or not the case has been closed, the trustee shall file a trustee's supplemental final report and account, and make payment on unpaid expenses and claims without further notice.