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CM/ECF Training Classes for Attorneys

Attorney Training Opportunities 1

The Bankruptcy Court is committed to meeting the training needs of all our electronic filers. At this time, we offer the following training opportunities:

Scheduled Classes:
We continue to offer hands-on CM/ECF training in our Minneapolis and St. Paul offices. Typically, classes are scheduled once every four to six weeks, alternating between the two offices. These classes are open to anyone at no charge, and are intended for those new to bankruptcy practice or new to electronic filing.

Attorney Training Opportunities 2

== There are no training classes currently scheduled. ==

Attorney Training Opportunities 3: Types of Classes Offered

Custom Classes:

We have held custom hands-on classes for legal clinics, students, and sometimes large attorney offices. Call Woody Parks at 612-664-5236 to discuss this option.


On-Site Training:

Occasionally, it has been more useful to travel to an attorney's office to identify filing problems; or an office may need its staff. Call Woody Parks at 612-664-5236 to discuss this option.


Online Training:

New technologies allow electronic filers to connect directly with a court trainer's computer, allowing the filers and court staff to see precisely where the problems are. This technology is especially useful for filers with hard to solve technical problems, or other urgent problems. We will also schedule electronic sessions for our adversary or chapter 13 classes, as noted. Call the Technical Help Desk whenever you have filing problems. If we feel an electronic session may help solve the problem, we will arrange it with you.


Adversary Classes:

We will schedule at least two classes on filing adversary proceedings every year, dates to be determined. These classes are open to anyone but we will not cover basic bankruptcy filing questions. Watch for more information on our Web site or via our email newsletter.


Chapter 13 Classes:

At the request of some of our attorneys, we will offer classes in filing chapter 13 bankruptcies. This class will be for attorneys representing clients in chapter 13 and deal with questions on plans, amendments, hearings, and other items. Watch for more information on our Web site or via our email newsletter.


Bankruptcy CM/ECF Computer-Based Training Modules:

The U.S. Courts' PACER program offers a series of CM/ECF online training modules to help you become more familiar with the electronic filing aspects of the Bankruptcy CM/ECF product.