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Rule 9011-4. Signatures

(a) GENERALLY. All documents presented for filing shall be signed and include the name, address and telephone number of the signer or the signer's attorney. 

(b) ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - FILING USERS. The user log-in and password required to submit documents to the Electronic Case Filing System serve as the Filing User’s signature on all electronic documents filed with the court. They also serve as a signature for purposes of Fed.R.Bankr. P. 9011, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the local rules of this court, and for any other purpose for which a signature is required in connection with proceedings before the court. Electronically filed documents must include a signature block setting forth the name, address, telephone number and attorney bar registration number, if applicable, of the Filing User. In addition, the name of the Filing User under whose log-in and password the document is submitted must be preceded by an “/e/” and typed in the space where the signature would otherwise appear. No Filing User or other person may knowingly permit or cause to permit a Filing User’s password to be used by anyone other than an authorized agent of the Filing User.

(c) ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - EMPLOYEES OF FILING USERS. A document filed in electronic format by a Filing User may contain the signature of a non-attorney employee of that Filing User, or of an agency or firm of which the Filing User is an employee, member or partner, represented by an “/e/” and the name typed in the space where a signature would otherwise appear. The electronic filing of a document with such a signature shall constitute a certification by the Filing User that the employee consented to the use and submission of the employee’s signature in this form, and that the employee had attested under penalty of perjury to the truth of any facts so subscribed.

(d) ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - DEBTORS. When an original signature of a debtor, authorized individual or joint debtor is required on the (1) petition, schedules and statements; (2) amendment to petition, schedules and statements; (3) chapter 13 plan; or (4) modified chapter 13 plan, the Filing User shall submit either a scanned image of the Form ERS 1 Signature Declaration signed by the debtor(s) or the electronic document with a scanned image of the signature page signed by the debtor(s). The scanning of documents is governed by Local Rule 9004-1(e).

(e) ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - OTHER DOCUMENTS. Except as otherwise provided above, when an original signature of a non-Filing User is required on a verification, affidavit or other similar document, the Filing User shall submit a scanned image of the signature page of the document signed by the non-Filing User. The scanning of documents is governed by Local Rule 9004-1(e) and the filing of voluminous exhibits is governed by Local Rule 9013-2(e).

(f) ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - MULTIPLE SIGNATURES. Documents requiring signatures of more than one party must be electronically filed by submitting a document that includes a scanned image of the signature page signed by all necessary parties. Alternatively, the filer may submit the document with the electronic signatures of any parties who authorize the filer to do so, as long as the document contains a provision to that effect.