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Rule 9006-1. Time Periods For Service and Filing

(a) SERVICE THROUGH ELECTRONIC CASE FILING SYSTEM. The "Notice of Electronic Filing" that is automatically generated by the court's Electronic Case Filing System constitutes service or notice of the filed document on Filing Users. Parties who are not Filing Users must be provided notice or service of any pleading or other document electronically filed in accordance with the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the local rules. A certificate of service must be electronically filed, indicating how service was accomplished on any party or counsel who is not a Filing User.

(b) MOVING DOCUMENTS. Unless a local rule or Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure requires longer notice, moving documents shall be filed and served by delivery or by mail not later than fourteen days before the hearing date. Moving documents shall be filed within five days after the date and time for a hearing was obtained from the judge's calendar clerk.

(c) RESPONSIVE DOCUMENTS. Any responsive documents shall be filed and served by delivery or by mail not later than five days before the hearing date.

(d) REPLY DOCUMENTS. No reply documents to the responsive documents need be served and filed.

(e) EXPEDITED RELIEF. If expedited relief is necessary, the moving party shall obtain a hearing date on shorter notice from the judge's calendar clerk and shall include a request for expedited hearing in the motion. The judge will rule on the request for expedited hearing when the motion is heard. The party seeking expedited relief shall take all reasonable steps to provide all parties with the most expeditious service and notice possible and shall file an affidavit specifying the efforts made.