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Rule 3017-1. Disclosure Statement - Approval

(a) SERVICE OF PROPOSED DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS AND PLANS. Within seven days after a plan and proposed disclosure statement have been filed in a chapter 11 case, the proponent shall serve both documents on all entities specified in Local Rule 9013-3(a)(2) and file proof of such service.

(b) SERVICE OF APPROVED DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS AND PLANS. Unless ordered otherwise, in a chapter 11 case the proponent shall serve the following documents on all creditors, equity security holders and other parties in interest as provided in Local Rule 2002-1(b) and file proof of such service: 1) the order for a confirmation hearing; 2) the approved disclosure statement; 3) the plan; and 4) the approved official form ballot.

(c) OBJECTIONS TO DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS. Local Rule 3020-1 applies to objections to proposed disclosure statements.

Fed. R. Bankr. P. Reference 3020.