Raeder Larson Public Service Award

Raeder Larson joined the Bankruptcy Court as law clerk to then Chief Judge Kenneth Owens in 1979, shortly after the Bankruptcy Code was passed. Though known almost universally as the “Bankruptcy Guru,” he served officially as court lawyer, Chief Deputy Clerk and Acting Clerk. Most importantly, he served as mentor and friend to Judges Kressel, O'Brien, Kishel and Dreher for many years. He was the original author of the Local Rules and creator of many of the court’s procedures and customs during the court’s difficult transition from the Bankruptcy Act to and through the Bankruptcy Code. He was dearly loved by the bankruptcy bar, the judges and Bankruptcy Court staff who served with him and all debtors and creditors with whom he came in contact. He retired from the court in 1994.

The Raeder Larson Public Service Award honors a member of the Bankruptcy Section for outstanding service to the public through the provision of pro bono legal services and dedication to a system of equal justice for all.
Each year the Pro Bono Committee of the Minnesota State Bar Association Bankruptcy Section sends a nomination announcement to judges, the various legal aid providers across the state, and bankruptcy section members. The award ceremony is usually held in July.

Award recipients must be members of the Bankruptcy Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association who have provided pro bono services to clients in the areas of debtor/creditor bankruptcy related issues and have demonstrated a commitment to the provision of pro bono services to those in need of legal assistance.

 Past Award Recipients

2001 Terri Running and Patti Sullivan

2002 Dorrie Larison and Ian Ball

2003 Robert Kalenda

2004 Bill Fisher

2005 George Singer and Pat Hennessy

2006 Steve Opheim and Sam Calvert

2007 Monica Clark, Jon Strauss, and Jack Fay

2008 Steve Meyer and G. Martin Johnson

2009 Yvonne Novak and Tom Johnson

2010 Clint Cutler and Steve Behm

2011 David Hoiland and William Kain

2012 Dennis Ryan and Jeffrey Bruzek

2013 Mary Jo Jensen-Carter and John Hedback

2014 John Lamey and Jeff Smith