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Electronic Evidence

Fergus Falls

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota has commenced use of electronic exhibits in Judge O'Brien's courtroom in Fergus Falls for all trials and evidentiary hearings.

The Fergus Falls Electronic Evidence Presentation system is not capable of touch screen annotation. Although the Adobe annotation tools are available for that purpose, training on those features will not be provided by the court.

Fergus Falls Evidence Training Video

Fergus Falls Evidence Training Manual

St. Paul/Minneapolis

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota has commenced use of electronic exhibits in Judge O'Brien's (St. Paul) and Judge Sanberg's (Minneapolis) courtroom for all trials and evidentiary hearings.


The court offers two training classes : a bi-monthly overview of the electronic evidence process and a hands-on training class. Click here to register.

The overview class will include an overview of evidence presentation equipment, exhibit preparation, format, and labeling, acceptable presentation media and naming convention, and presentation format.

The hands-on training is required for all parties who wish to present evidence or testimony and will include all the information covered in the overview class as well as an opportunity to practice using the evidence presentation equipment.

To register for training, log into CM, select the Utilities menu and select Sign up for Classes.

All training is held at the following locations:

    St. Paul
    Warren E. Burger Federal Building
    and U.S. Courthouse
    Courtroom 2C
    316 North Robert Street
    St. Paul, Minnesota

    301 U.S. Courthouse
    Courtroom 8W
    300 South Fourth Street
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415

The overview class will be the same in both locations, so once an attorney has attended the overview in one location, the attorney need not attend an overview in any other location. However, attorneys are encouraged to attend hands-on training before the first trial or hearing in a particular courtroom as equipment, space, and sightlines vary slightly from courtroom to courtroom.


The court provides a laptop at the lectern. Counsel may use this laptop to present the evidence.

Submitting Exhibits

At least 5 days before the hearing, an exhibit list needs to be submitted via CM/ECF.

Exhibits must be submitted 3 working days before the hearing. A .pdf copy of the exhibit list should be included on the CD or flash drive with the exhibits.   Any exhibits not submitted in advance may be introduced only with the Judge’s permission at trial.

Exhibits should be delivered or mailed to the Court Recorder:

Judge O’Brien: Bethany Imdieke
200 Warren E Burger Federal Building and US Courthouse
316 N Robert St
St Paul, MN  55101

Judge Sanberg: Kathy Barksdale
301 U.S. Courthouse
300 South Fourth Street
Minneapolis, MN  55415

If you wish to have your exhibit media returned to you, please make arrangements with the Court Recorder prior to the hearing.

Acceptable Media

Exhibits should be submitted on a CD or flash drive. Video may be submitted on CD or DVD.

Media should be checked for viruses before submission to the court.

Labeling Media

Media submitted to the court should be labeled as follows:

Hearing Exhibits

Debtor Last Name
Hearing Date
Case Number

Attorney Name
Attorney Telephone Number
Attorney Email Address

Exhibit Format

All exhibits, including pictures, should be in PDF format (.pdf).  Large excel documents may be submitted in excel if they cannot be easily converted.  Video files will also be accepted.  Unique exhibits will be handled on a case by case basis.  Please contact the Court Recorder for instructions.

The presentation laptop is equipped with Microsoft Office 2010 and Adobe Acrobat 9.  It is each attorney’s responsibility to determine that his or her exhibits are submitted in versions compatible with the court’s applications.


PowerPoint may be used for presentations.  If any portion is submitted as an exhibit it must be converted to a PDF.  

Naming Exhibits

Parties must name the exhibits using the format outlined in the trial order.  Debtors and plaintiffs will typically assign numbers to their exhibits and adverse parties and defendants will assign letters. 

For example:

1-Debtor’s Last Name.pdf
2-Debtor’s Last Name.pdf

A-Company Name.pdf
B-Company Name.pdf

Please refer all questions to:

St. Paul
Kim Kaul
Electronic Evidence Coordinator


Nick Johnson
Electronic Evidence Coordinator