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Testing details for attorney user 

The goal of the training is to make sure you understand this court's filing procedures, how to process PDF documents according to this court's procedures and how to file them with the correct event in CM/ECF. Test documents should contain the same components as real documents. The training database is not visible to the public, so you can use real documents as your test document.

Choose the link below for the type of test documents that best reflect your practice below:

Attorney for debtor (File a complete voluntary petition, including all required documents and fee, which might include up to six documents.)

Attorney for creditor or other parties (File one complete test document of your choice. One successful test filing is required.)

The court’s filing policies are outlined below:

  1. All documents -- that is, the motion, memorandum, etc. must be filed as a single PDF file, except if the documents or any exhibits exceed 4 megabytes, in which case exhibits should be filed separately.

  2. The proposed order, if there is one, should be the final page of the PDF file. PROPOSED ORDERS SHOULD NEVER BE SCANNED DOCUMENTS.

  3. "Pen-in-hand" signatures are not required for ECF certified attorneys and their staff. See Local Rule 9011-4 for details.

  4. Original signatures are required for the debtors and creditors. Signed affidavits, verifications or similar authorizations, should be scanned and included in the PDF file. Signature declarations should be signed and included with the petition and any completions.

  5. The automatic e-mail notification sent by CM/ECF constitutes service. Therefore, it is only necessary to serve paper copies to those who do not receive e-mail notification. To determine who receives e-mail notification in a given case, see Utilities, Case Utilities, Mailings. If conventional service is not required because all parties will be served by e-mail through ECF, a certificate of service need not be filed.

  6. Scanned documents should be limited to those with signatures and exhibits; other documents should be saved to PDF directly from a word processed format.

  7. Hearing dates for live documents must be obtained from the appropriate calendar clerk and entered into your document before filing.
If you have questions regarding training, please call the Technical Help Desk at 612-664-5275

For additional information when filing live documents, see the tabs above for Filing Guidance , Debtor Help and Local Rules.

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