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Testing details for attorney for creditor or other party

File one complete test document of your choice, but we suggest the Motion for relief from stay including all required documents and the filing fee.

The test document should include documents converted from a word processor to PDF (i.e., motion, memorandum, proof of service, proposed order) and a scanned document converted to PDF (i.e., exhibits, signed affidavit) and combined into one PDF document.

One successful test filing is required, but you may test more. See further below for more options.

Sample Document with Instructions

Prepare and file a Motion for relief from stay in a test case:

Test case numbers: 10-30140 or 10-40140

  1. Prepare your main document in your word processor and convert to PDF. All documents should be filed as a single PDF file. Save the main document using the name of the case and docket number, but do not use symbols. Example: Johnson1030100

  2. Scan in any paper documents, such as a signed affidavit or exhibits and convert them to PDF. Save the scanned documents.

  3. Insert your scanned documents into your main document using the Document menu and the Insert pages option in Adobe Acrobat. The proposed order should be the last page of the document. Save the entire document again.

  4. Sample Document with Instructions

    The complete test motion must include the following documents in a single PDF file:

    A.  Notice of hearing and motion (see Local Form 9013-2);

    B.  If facts are at issue, an affidavit or verification (see Local Rule 9013-2(d)).

    C.  A concise memorandum of facts and law;

    D.  Exhibits or other attachments, as appropriate (see Local Rule 9013-2(e)).

    E.  For motions for relief from stay concerning the debtor’s principal residence, Local Form 4001-1

    F.  Proof of service (see Local Form 9001-1) on those parties not automatically served through ECF;

    G.  A proposed order (NOT scanned). The non-scanned proposed order, if there is one, should be the final page of the PDF file. 

    H.  For motions for relief from stay, to compel abandonment, to withdraw reference or to sell property free and clear of liens, a $176.00 fee.

  5. Login to the CM/ECF training database using the blue button above.

  6. Use the Search option to find the event or select the Bankruptcy menu and the Motions link.

  7. Use one of the following test case numbers: 10-30140 or 10-40140

  8. Search for your party in the database and select from list.  If your party is not already in the database, use the Add/Create New Party link to add the party. Always check the box to create an association between you and your party in the case.

  9. Enter a checkmark next to all documents included.

  10. Select the Browse button to locate the PDF file on your PC. Using the right button on the mouse, open the PDF document to review. Once you are sure you have the correct document, select the Open button to enter the path name in the field.

  11. Choose a hearing date anytime in the future. For live cases, you will need to contact the appropriate calendar clerk prior to preparing your documents for some hearings. Please review the General Calendaring Instructions below.
  12. General Calendaring Instructions

    The bankruptcy court is using a new electronic calendar program called CHambers Automation Program (CHAP) that extracts the calendar data directly from the CM/ECF database. As of August 19, 2013, the CHAP system will be "locked down." This means that you will no longer be able to type in a hearing date and time in CM/ECF; rather, you will need to select the hearing reserved for your matter from the list of hearings that appears in a drop-down box.


    Once the calendar clerk has provided a hearing date and time, that assigned date and time will appear in the drop-down box when e-filing your documents, and it will indicate that the hearing time is reserved for the requesting attorney. If you are setting a hearing for such things as Chapter 13 hearings or self-calendared relief from stay motions that do not require you to obtain a specific date in advance of filing the documents, you will see a general description of the type of matter that can be set for the date and time selected. After selecting the chosen hearing date, the information will populate to the judge's court calendar automatically. Please note that not all judges allow self-calendaring, so please consult the Court's website for further instruction.

    This new program will result in fewer miscalendared hearing entries, fewer typographical errors, and will provide a more accurate "real time" calendar display for the judges. If you experience problems while e-filing your documents and are unable to see the hearing date in the drop-down menu, please contact the calendar clerk for the appropriate Judge for further instruction. The calendar clerks for each of the Minnesota bankruptcy judges are as follows:

    Judge Calendar Clerk Phone Email
    Judge Gregory F. Kishel Jamie Smith 651-848-1061
    Judge Robert J. Kressel Lynn Hennen 612-664-5250
    Judge Kathleen H. Sanberg Carrie Nordstrom 612-664-5251
    Judge Michael E. Ridgway Karen Krouch 612-664-5261
    Judge Katherine A. Constantine Sandy McMackins 651-848-1051
    For cases filed within the Duluth office:
    Judge Gregory F. Kishel Anita Miller 218-529-3601
    Judge Robert J. Kressel Anita Miller 218-529-3601


  13. Leave the credit card screen blank when it appears.

  14. Pay the filing fee using the training credit card: Visa 4111 1111 1111 1111, expiration date anytime in the future. Follow the prompts.

    Pop-up blockers should be turned off in order to see the pop-up window. Credit card payments can be made within 48 hours of the filing. If payment is not received, the user will receive an e-mail warning and will be blocked from filing. The user will be able to log into CM/ECF, but no filing options will be available on the Bankruptcy menu. The payment can be paid under the Utilities menu and the Internet Payments Due link. After making the payment, you may need to clear the temporary files from your browser.

    Instructions to clear the temporary files in Internet Explorer
    1. Log out of CM/ECF
    2. Select Tools and Internet Options from the top of the Internet Explorer window.
    3. Click the General tab.
    4. Under Browsing History, click the Delete button.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Log back into CM/ECF

  15. You are now finished with your test documents.  Once the successful test documents are filed, the court will issue a CM/ECF live login or will call with more instructions.
For additional information when filing live documents, see the tabs above for Filing Guidance , Debtor Help and Local Rules.

Here are more documents that can be filed as test documents:

Open an Adversary Proceeding

The event is located at Adversary, New Case Events, Open Adversary Proceeding. Use case number 10-41234 as the lead case.

1. Add parties as necessary to create at least one plaintiff and the debtor as defendant. Select the correct party role type when creating the new parties. Even though the debtor is already a party in the case, the debtor must be added as a defendant.

2. Select the Attorney button to add the plaintiff's attorney. Changes are coming in CM/ECF version 4.1, but for now it is important to add the attorney in order to receive e-mail notifications in the case.

3. Select the End plaintiff selection button and End defendant selection button when all required parties have been added. Browse for the test PDF document of a complaint. You will be prompted for payment.

Answer to Complaint

Use case number 10-3001. The event is located at Adversary, Answers/Objections/Responses...

Response or Objection

Use case number 10-30140. The event is located at Bankruptcy, Post Petition Events, Response/Objection. Link to the motion that you previously filed.

Notice of appearance and request for notice

Use case number 10-30140. The event is located at Bankruptcy or Adversary and Other Case Events.

Screen shot of the CM/ECF training database.
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