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CMECF 5.0 Update Summary

    Note: Some items found in the PDF documents below may include enhancements that our court has not included in the 5.0 upgrade.

    Attorney Overview - 5.0 Summary - PDF

    Notes for PACER Users - 5.0 PACER Summary - PDF

    1. New events for attorneys and creditors to withdraw from a case

    A. Withdraw request for notice by creditor - This event reminds the user to use the 'Request Account Modification" on the Utilities menu to request the change.
    B. Withdraw as attorney from party - An attorney can terminate themselves from a party on a case, except if the attorney represents a debtor, defendant or plaintiff. The attorney will no longer receive NEFs for the case.

    2. New links for "Links to Other Courts" and "PACER Case Locator" have been added to the Bankruptcy Menu under Information.

    3. Case Opening - Multiple SSNs or Tax IDs can now be entered for the debtors. The Case Upload  module now accepts multiple identification numbers as a comma-separated list in the SSN/ITIN or tax ID/EIN fields.

    4. Claims - During claim filing and creditor maintenance transactions, the final screen before submission now warns that submitting will finalize the transaction.

    5. Query - Additional options have been added to the Query search screen for all users.

    6. Cases Report - Split, Transferred, and Reopened dates have been added to the selection screen; in addition, a "Show more options" link appears.  When clicked, the link expands the screen to display all possible selection criteria.

    7. Claims Register Report - The "View multiple documents" option, previously only available for the Docket Report, is now also available in the Claims Register.

    8. Claims Activity Report - The report selection criteria have been enhanced to include a time range filter. Court users and outside users may now search for entries based on the date and time entered.

    9. Docket Report - Additional dates and deadlines now display on the Docket Report for easier monitoring of critical milestones in the case.

    10. List of Creditors - The title of the former "Creditor Mailing Matrix" menu item has been changed to "List of Creditors." If a link to this utility is included on the shortcut bar, the title of the link is updated.

    11. Noticing - The Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) and Notice of Electronic Claim Filing (NECF) list the names and email addresses of anyone who received an email for the corresponding event. Previously, when an attorney represented more than one party in a case, the attorney's email and party information were listed on the NEF or NECF only for the first party. Now, the attorney is listed for each party.

    12. Discharges - Optional features have been added to assist the court in preventing multiple discharges within the waiting period defined by the BAPCPA rules for individual chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases.

    13. Party/Attorney Associations - When an attorney files a document in a case in which he or she is not already involved, the user is prompted to indicate whether the attorney should be linked to the party and the case.  Previously, the default behavior was not to link the attorney; now the association is made unless the user deselects the check box that indicates an association.  The wording has been updated to stress the implications of omitting a necessary association.

    14. Barred Debtors - New ADI (Automatic Docketing Interface) event for "Debtor barred in prior filing" to alert the judge of a prior filing. The Automatic Docketing Interface (ADI) makes docket entries without user interaction.